Welcome New Surgical Residents

John Bohnen
John Bohnen
A fantastic cohort of new residents has beaten the competition to enter the Gallie Program in July 2007. I wish we had room to print their CVs and recommendation letters!

Our six entry level programs continue to expand, as does the job market for our residents at the end of their training. The expertise and enthusiasm of their teachers and resident colleagues and our performance at accreditation in April 2007 promises that our residents will be the best taught ever.

Forty-two residents have entered the Department - 30 male and 12 female. Thirty-three come to us from Canadian programs, two through the Ontario International Medical Graduate stream (new Canadians who have finished med school outside Canada and will practice in Ontario), five through the Clerkship Match (Canadian-born doctors who left Canada to pursue their MD elsewhere and have returned to Canada to train), and two are "visa trainees", who will return to their home countries following training. What a great gift this diverse group of bright young minds brings to our Department. Welcome new residents!

John M.A. Bohnen
Director, Postgraduate Surgical Education

Yaasin Abdulrehman
Yaasin Abdulrehman - G/S
Soha Al-Omar
Soha Al-Omar - N/S
Taiba Al-Rasheed
Taiba Al-Rasheed - P/S
Syed Ali
Syed Ali - G/S
Ryan Alkins
Ryan Alkins - N/S
Kengo Asai
Kengo Asai - G/S
Richard Backstein
Richard Backstein - P/S
Kalkidan Belay
Kalkidan Belay - G/S
Danielle Bischof
Danielle Bischof - G/S
Mark Camp
Mark Camp - O/S
Joslin Cheverie
Joslin Cheverie - G/S
Ian Choy
Ian Choy - G/S
Andrea Covelli
Andrea Covelli - G/S
Preeti Dhar
Preeti Dhar - G/S
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis - N/S
Benjamin Escott
Benjamin Escott - O/S
Christopher Geddes
Christopher Geddes - O/S
Siba Haykal
Siba Haykal - P/S
Marilyn Heng
Marilyn Heng - O/S
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - U/S
Aliyah Kanji
Aliyah Kanji - G/S
Melise Keays
Melise Keays - U/S
Steve Kim
Steve Kim - U/S
Nir Lipsman
Nir Lipsman - N/S
Ryan Neinstein
Ryan Neinstein - P/S
Benjamin Pook
Benjamin Pook - O/S
Mark Porte
Mark Porte - O/S
Erion Qamirani
Erion Qamirani - O/S
Randy Rizek
Randy Rizek - O/S
Amanda Roberts
Amanda Roberts - G/S
Anvesh Roy
Anvesh Roy - O/S
Bharat Sharma
Bharat Sharma - G/S
Sunjay Sharma
Sunjay Sharma - N/S
Stephanie Tam
Stephanie Tam - U/S
Tomce Trajkovski
Tomce Trajkovski - O/S
Jack Wallen
Jack Wallen - C/S
David Wasserstein
David Wasserstein - O/S
Jefferson Wilson
Jefferson Wilson - N/S
Justyna Wolinska
Justyna Wolinska - G/S
King Wong
King Wong - O/S
Frsancis Zih
Frsancis Zih - G/S

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