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Looking at the Department of Surgery from the Dean's Office

John Bohnen
John Bohnen

After a highly productive term as Vice Chairman, Education in the Department of Surgery, John Bohnen has moved on to become Vice Dean, Clinical Affairs, for the Faculty of Medicine. The position "offers an opportunity to work with great people, and great people like Bob Byrick and John Wedge did it before me." While he continues with a busy clinical and teaching schedule, John is now responsible for working with the chairs of the eight governance organizations implementing the Alternate Funding Plan (AFP) that is strengthening the academic performance of the faculty of our medical school. The structure and function of the AFP is discussed in the Winter 2008 issue of the Spotlight.

During his term as Vice Chairman of our department, John saw us through two highly successful accreditations and helped make every surgical program a good place to work both for residents and faculty. He helped the program directors share the best practices and applied his long-standing interest and expertise in quality improvement to the educational mission of the department. He is now applying these strengths to improving the standards and performance of the entire Faculty of Medicine. He sees the eight governance organizations that he meets with monthly as a forum for constant improvement in education. Despite competition, there is fairness and collegiality; there are also interesting problems that require concrete solutions every week. In addition to the AFP half of the job, John is responsible for policy and its implementation on faculty appointments, academic freedom and definitions of academic work. He is enjoying seeing the Department of Surgery from a different perspective, with insights gained from exposure to the functions of all of the other departments. "The light shining from the Department of Surgery has not dimmed; it is a phenomenal department."


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