Welcome New Surgical Residents

Ronald Levine
Ronald Levine
A fantastic cohort of new residents has beaten the competition to enter the Gallie Program in July, 2008. They have diverse and interesting backgrounds.

The Department of Surgery continues to grow with expansion of the number of trainees in many of the surgical specialties. The expertise and enthusiasm of their teachers and resident colleagues promises that our residents will be the best taught ever.

Forty-three residents have entered the department - 32 male and 11 female. Thirty-two have come through the CaRMS match and are Canadian Medical School graduates. Eight have come through the IMG match and include Canadians who have studied abroad and are returning to Canada for their surgical training as well as Permanent Residents who have obtained their MD in foreign countries and will be practicing in Ontario. Three are "visa trainees," who will return to their home countries following training. What a great gift this diverse group of bright young minds brings to our department.

Welcome new residents!

Ronald H. Levine
Director, Postgraduate Surgical Education

Saad Al Qahtani
Saad Al Qahtani - P/S
Mohammed Albugeaey
Mohammed Albugeaey - C/S
Gregory Bodie
Gregory Bodie - G/S
Christopher Daigle
Christopher Daigle - G/S
Charles de Mestral
Charles de Mestral - G/S
Omar Dessouki
Omar Dessouki - O/S
Julius Ebinu
Julius Ebinu - N/S
Milan Ernjakovic
Milan Ernjakovic - G/S
Aria Fallah
Aria Fallah - N/S
Nicholas Gaudet
Nicholas Gaudet - G/S
Nicole Golda
Nicole Golda - U/S
Matthew Gunton
Matthew Gunton - O/S
Ahmed Haddad
Ahmed Haddad - U/S
Usman Hameed
Usman Hameed - G/S
Kathryn Howe
Kathryn Howe - N/S
Marvin Hsiao
Marvin Hsiao - G/S
George Ibrahim
George Ibrahim - N/S
Kunaal Jindal
Kunaal Jindal - P/S
Mara Jones
Mara Jones - O/S
Stewart Lo
Stewart Lo - G/S
Elaine Mau
Elaine Mau - O/S
Chloe McAlister
Chloe McAlister - G/S
Fred Nicholls
Fred Nicholls - O/S
Nathan Perlis
Nathan Perlis - U/S
Matthew Plant
Matthew Plant - P/S
Bheeshma Ravi
Bheeshma Ravi - O/S
David Santone
David Santone - O/S
Raj Satkunasivam
Raj Satkunasivam - U/S
Mehdi Shahideh
Mehdi Shahideh - N/S
Ron Somogyi
Ron Somogyi - P/S
Megha Suri
Megha Suri - G/S
Luke Szobota
Luke Szobota - G/S
Sara Temple
Sara Temple - U/S
Kim Tsoi
Kim Tsoi - O/S
Robert Tutino
Robert Tutino - P/S
Sara Ward
Sara Ward - O/S
Andrew Watt
Andrew Watt - O/S
Julian Winocur
Julian Winocur - G/S
Bobby Yanagawa
Bobby Yanagawa - C/S
Boris Zevin
Boris Zevin - G/S
Jing Zhang
Jing Zhang - P/S
Missing from Photos: Thamer Al-Abbassi - G/S, Niloofar Dehghan - O/S

"Medical science and medical practice represent a culturally sanctioned accumulation and refinement of specialized knowledge, literally passed from hand to hand across the ages. Unless patients are willing to play a role in training subsequent generations of medical professionals, each of us will be at risk for limited access to future medical care."

From "Do unto others: Justice in Surgical Education." in James W. Jones, Laurence B. McCullough, and Bruce W. Richman. The Ethics of Surgical Practice, 2008, pp 85-87.

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