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Promotions & Appointments

Terrence Yau (CardSurg) was promoted to full professor of Surgery.

Eric Massicotte (NeurSurg) has been named Director of Undergraduate Education for the Division of Neurosurgery.

Julian Spears (NeurSurg) has been named the Associate Residency Program Director.

Todd Mainprize (NeurSurg) has been named the Fellowship Director for the Division of Neurosurgery.

Abhaya Kulkarni (NeurSurg) together with Drs. Mainprize, Spears and Massicotte will provide a representation across the four hospitals and will be the core of the newly created Neurosurgical Education Cabinet. The Education Committee will be bolstered by resident representation which, as in the past, will continue to be elected amongst the residents themselves.


Moji Hodaie (NeurSurg) will be the Division of Neurosurgery Web Editor. She will be assisted by DJ Cook, the resident representative, and Stephanie Neilson."

Peter Dirks (NeurSurg) will be the Division of Neurosurgery Research Director.

Leo Dacosta (NeurSurg) will be our university representative and director of Continuing Medical Education. This position entails serving the educational needs of both our own neurosurgical faculty and those outside our faculty including non-neurosurgeons and non - physician allied health personnel.

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