Forty Three New Residents Enter Surgical Training

An outstanding cohort of new residents has beaten the competition to enter the Gallie Program in July, 2010. They have diverse and interesting backgrounds.

The Department of Surgery continues to grow with expansion of the number of trainees in many of the surgical specialties. The expertise and enthusiasm of their teachers and resident colleagues promises that our residents will be the best taught ever.

Forty-three residents have entered the department. Thirty-four have come through the CaRMS match and are Canadian Medical School graduates. Eight havecome through the IMG match and include Canadians who have studied abroad and are returning to Canada for their surgical training as well as Permanent Residents who have obtained their MD in foreign countries and will be practicing in Ontario. One is a visa trainee, who will return to his home country following training. What a great gift this diverse group of bright young minds brings to our department. Welcome new residents!

Ronald H. Levine, MD
Director, Postgraduate Surgical Education
Department of Surgery

Khambati Azizi
Khambati Azizi - US
Solomon Azouz
Solomon Azouz- GS
Bellisi Bakinis
Bellisi Bakinis- GS
Nick Bayley
Nick Bayley- OS
Vivek Bodani
Vivek Bodani - NS
Hunter Cape
Hunter Cape - GS
HoMan Cheng
HoMan Cheng - PS
Emily Claydon
Emily Claydon - GS
Andrew Dold
Andrew Dold - NS
Brian Drake
Brian Drake - NS
Andrew Fagan
Andrew Fagan - PS
Laurie Fasola
Laurie Fasola - GS
Eleanor Fung
Eleanor Fung - GS
AnickNater Goulet
AnickNater Goulet - NS
Tyler Gray
Tyler Gray - US
James Michael Hendry
James Michael Hendry - PS
Adam Katchky
Adam Katchky - OS
Kevin Koo
Kevin Koo - OS
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar - GS
Anthony Lau
Anthony Lau - NS
Debbie Li
Debbie Li - GS
Marisa Louridas
Marisa Louridas - GS
Giancarlo McEvenue
Giancarlo McEvenue - PS
Ian Mayne
Ian Mayne - OS
Brent Mollon
Brent Mollon - OS
Jennifer Muir
Jennifer Muir - GS
Blake Murphy
Blake Murphy - PS
Ashlie Nadler
Ashlie Nadler - GS
Armen Paraghamian
Armen Paraghamian - GS
Kashif Parvez
Kashif Parvez - NS
Schethan Sathya
Schethan Sathya - GS
Brian Seeto
Brian Seeto - OS
Sean Skeldon
Sean Skeldon - US
Matt Strickland
Matt Strickland - GS
Dimitrios Tsirigotis - CS
Dimitrios Tsirigotis - CS
Matthew Tsuji
Matthew Tsuji - OS
Dmitry Tsvetkov
Dmitry Tsvetkov - OS
Raaj Vora
Raaj Vora - OS
Elliot Wakeam
Elliot Wakeam - GS
Jerry Xing
Jerry Xing - OS
Michael Zywell
Michael Zywell - OS

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