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NYGH Recognizes Canada’s First Female Paediatric Surgeon

Noelle Grace
Noelle Grace

Noelle Grace is retiring after more than thirty years as a paediatric surgeon at North York General Hospital. She has been a pioneer for women in Canadian medicine: after obtaining her medical degree from the University of Western Ontario and training at McGill University, she became the first female paediatric surgeon in our country’s history.

As a surgeon working primarily with young children and their families, Noelle set herself apart by demonstrating compassionate, child-centered care. She empathizes with her patients and their families, physically embracing children who need comfort, and making herself available outside of working hours to ensure that a child recovers from surgery.

Noelle Grace has been a mentor to her fellow surgeons, and a role model to all of her colleagues at NYGH for her incredible dedication to her work and passion for her patients. Stan Feinberg, Chief of Surgery, calls Dr. Noelle "one of a kind" and praises her commitment to the long-term impact of her work. "Whenever Noelle talked to me about career planning, she always indicated that she didn’t want to step down until she felt that the future of paediatric surgery was secure at NYGH," Stan Feinberg says.

In recognition of Dr. Grace’s contribution to her field, Dr. Feinberg believes that there is no greater gift than to create a long-term plan to enhance and strengthen the delivery of paediatric surgery at North York General. We are proud to announce that the Foundation has established the Dr. Noelle Grace Tribute Fund to support paediatric care. "This ensures that health professionals and patients will continue to associate the name of Noelle Grace with a commitment to excellent health care delivery to children and their families," says Dr. Feinberg.

We are also thrilled to announce that we have already received two lead donations of $250,000 each in support of the Dr. Noelle Grace Tribute Fund, making this one of our Foundation’s largest donor funds.

Please consider supporting paediatric care in recognition of Dr. Grace by making a donation to the Tribute Fund by visiting the nyghfoundation.ca website.

Meghan Moloney,
North York General Hospital Foundation

© Reprinted with permission from: http://www.nyghfoundation.ca/our-stories/nygh-recognizes -canadas-first-female-paediatric-surgeon

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