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Celebrating Clinical and Basic Science at Gallie Day 2017

Each year we strive to establish a welcome agenda for staff, students, residents and guest speakers, with a theme that will attract all. We are very happy with the triumphant success of the 43rd Gallie Day, which complemented the brilliance in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto.

James Rutka and Michael Fehlings reflected on the major medical, scientific, social, and political changes that have occurred over the past 43 years. The theme of this year’s Gallie Day was “Transplantation / Regenerative Medicine”.

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Gallie Day

Gallie Presentation

Transplantation/Regenerative Medicine symposium “Generative Medicine Solutions for Human Disease: Where Are We Now: Where Are We Going” was chaired by Michael G. Fehlings, and featured 4 incomparable speakers. Cindi M Morshead (PhD; Professor & Chair, Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto) began the symposium with her thoughtprovoking talk on “Activating resident stem cells to promote neural repair: A stroke of genius”.

Marc Jeschke [MD, PhD, FACS, FCCM, FRCSC; Professor, Divisions of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and General Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto; Director Ross Tilley Burn Centre, Chair in Burn Research, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre] continued with an exciting talk on “The future of burn and complex wound care: Stem cell and tissue engineering”. This was followed by Peter Zandstra [BEng (McGill), PhD (UBC), FAAAS, FAIMBE, FRSC, PEng; Professor & Canada Research Chair, Stem Cell Bioengineering, Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research, University of Toronto] with his amazing talk on “Stem cell bioengineering”. This couldn’t be wrapped better than to finish the symposium with Thomas K. Waddell (MD, MSc, PhD, FRCSC, FACS; Head, Division of Thoracic Surgery, UHN; Thomson Family Chair in Translational Research; Professor and Pearson-Ginsberg Chair, Division of Thoracic Surgery; University of Toronto) with his astounding talk on “Engineering (mechanical and genetic) to advance lung regeneration”.

Gallie Presentation

Michael Fehlings and Cindi Morshead

Gallie Presentation

Michael Fehlings with Rosalind Bradford, Allan Kirk and James Rutka

This year’s Gordon Murray Lecturer was Allan D. Kirk, MD, PhD, FACS (David C. Sabiston, Jr. Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery Duke University School of Medicine; Surgeon-in-Chief, Duke University Health System, Durham, NC USA). His lecture was entitled, “Costimulation blockade for organ transplantation”. One of the articles Dr. Kirk spoke about was “More surgeons must start doing basic science – They say they don’t have time or incentive to do research – and that’s dangerous for translational medicinehttps://www.nature.com/news/more-surgeons-must-start-doing-basic-science-1.21874.

We had a record number of abstracts submitted by trainees working with our faculty. There were 17 platform presentation groups with a total of 81 e-poster presentations. The Gallie Bateman Awards (for Surgeon Scientist Training Program participants) and the McMurrich Awards (for any trainee working with a member of the faculty of surgery) were judged for both platform presentations and poster presentations. The range of assorted topics and researchers highlighted the wide-ranging and immensely high quality research being conducted throughout our Department.

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James Byrne, Joseph Catapano, Dale Podolsky and Michael Fehlings

The 10 remarkable oral presentations were scored so closely that they could have all been awardees. The quality of the research and presentations as a result of the research were exceptional. Surgeon Scientist Training Program (SSTP) residents are awarded the Gallie Bateman prizes for best oral presentation and e-poster presentation. First prize oral presentation awardee was James P. Byrne [Stephanie Mason (SSTP), (Supervisor: Avery B. Nathens)] for his outstanding talk on “The relationship between Emergency Medical Service response time and prehospital death from motor vehicle crashes: Rural-urban disparities and implications for trauma system performance improvement”. Joseph Catapano (SSTP), Simon Fung, Asim Ali, Cecilia Jobst, Douglas Cheyne, Ronald Zuker, Gregory Borschel (Supervisor: Gregory H. Borschel) received second prize for his remarkable talk on “Corneal neurotization: A novel surgical procedure to restore sensation and preserve vision in patients with neurotrophic keratopathy”. Third prize was received by Dale Podolsky (SSTP), David Fisher, Karen Wong, Thomas Looi, James Drake, Christopher Forrest (Supervisors: James Drake, Christopher Forrest) for his excellent presentation on “Development and evaluation of a high-fidelity cleft palate simulator for surgical training and for development of a robotic approach to infant cleft palate surgery”. It is a true reflection on the great work our SSTP trainees have done while in the Program, since they will be going back to clinic in July 2017 and can boast that they were awarded the Gallie-Bateman Award in their final month before finishing.

SSTP Resident E-Poster presentation 1st prize for was awarded to Sean A. Crawford (SSTP) [Ryan M. Sanford, Matthew G. Doyle, Naomi Eisenberg, Mark Wheatcroft, Cristina H. Amon, Thomas L. Forbes (Supervisor)], for his presentation entitled “Iliac artery torsion and calcification predicts endovascular device rotation and poor patient outcomes in advanced EVAR”. Christopher J.D. Wallis (SSTP) [David Naimark, Robert K. Nam (Supervisor)] received second prize for his research entitled, “Adjuvant versus salvage radiotherapy for patients with adverse pathological findings radical prostatectomy: A decision analysis”. 3rd prize was bestowed on Mohamad A. Hussain (SSTP) [Muhammad Mamdani, Jack V. Tu, Gustavo Saposnik, Konrad Salata (SSTP), Deepak L. Bhatt, Subodh Verma, Mohammed Al-Omran (Supervisor)] for his presentation entitled, “Effect of operator specialty on the outcomes of carotid artery revascularization”.

Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto honoured Bryce Taylor at the 2017 Gallie Day gala by establishing the Bryce Taylor Mentorship Award. This award recognizes those faculty members who emulate the traits that Dr. Taylor exhibited throughout his long and illustrious career at the University of Toronto. Dr. Bryce Taylor, former Surgeon in Chief at the University Health Network and Associate Chair in the Department of Surgery, has been described as being a naturally gifted clinical surgeon and educator with a reputation for mentoring students, residents, fellows and, in particular, faculty. Dr. Taylor was known for providing sage advice and counsel to countless medical professionals. He was considered, by all accounts, to be the quintessential role model for professionalism in surgery and trained generations of surgeons. The inaugural recipient of the Bryce R. Taylor Mentorship Award was Paul Greig.

group photo

Ori Rotstein, Paul Greig and Bryce Taylor

group photo

Robert Qaqish, Michael Fehlings-, Stephanie W. Tobin, Vivian Y. Szeto, Sergio Acuna

The McMurrich Awards are presented to research trainees who are not in the Surgeon Scientist Training Program. The oral presentations were brilliant. The firstplace award was won by Sergio Acuna [Rinku Sutradhar, S. Joseph Kim, (Supervisor: Nancy N. Baxter)] for his superb talk on “Malignancy and solid organ transplantation: Outcomes of recipients with pre-transplant malignancies, uptake of cancer screening, and cancer mortality after solid organ transplantation”. The oral presentations were extraordinarily deep-rooted. We had a three-way tie for 2nd prize.Vivian Y. Szeto [Rui Liu, Haitao Wang, Baofeng Xu, Tianru Jin, Edoardo Mannucci, Zhong-Ping Feng (Supervisor: Hong-Shuo Sun)] for her talk on “Cerebrovascular safety of sulfonylureas: The role of KATP channels in neuroprotection and stroke risk in sulfonylurea treatment of Type 2 diabetes”. Stephanie Wales Tobin [Supervisor: Ren-Ke Li] for her address on “Loss of ERK1/2 activity in BAV triggers AP-1 degradation and aortic wall instability”. Robert Qaqish [Yui Watanabe, Marcos Galasso, Cara Summers, Aadil Ali, Mamoru Takahashi, Anajara Gazzalle, Mingyao Liu, Shaf Keshavjee, Lorenzo Del Sorbo, (Supervisor: Marcelo Cypel)] for his exceptional talk on “Lung lavage and surfactant replacement during ECMO in a severe ARDS aspiration pneumonia model”.

group photo

Niloofar Ganji

McMurrich Awards were also bestowed on a group of individuals who presented remarkable E-posters. Niloofar Ganji [Yuhki Koike, Agostino Pierro] received 1st prize for her work on “Remote ischemic conditioning prevents the development of necrotizing enterocolitis”, while the 2nd prize was received by David P Cyr [Francis SW Zih, Jossie Swett-Cosentino, Shelly Luu (SSTP), Bryan J Wells, Ronald L Burkes, Bernard Cummings, Faryal Esmail, Andrew J Smith, Carol J Swallow] for his piece on “Ten-year survival outcomes following resection of locally recurrent rectal cancer”. Chihiro Konoeda, Guan Zehong, Tatsuaki Watanabe, Stephen Juvet, Mingyao Liu, Tereza Martinu, Shaf Keshavjee for the excellent presentation on the “Role of club cells in the development of obliterative bronchiolitis in murine transplanted lungs”.

group photo

Carol Swallow with Fayez Quereshy and Bernard Langer

group photo

Victor Yang and Andres Lozano

Each year we honour our faculty with research awards that demonstrates the great work. Bernard Langer Surgeon Scientist Training Program Award - awarded to an outstanding graduate of the Surgeon Scientist Training Program in the Department, who shows the greatest promise for a career in academic surgery went to Fayez Quereshy (Surgeon Investigator, General Surgery, Toronto Western Hospital, UHN). Since Fayez’s desire was to work towards a MBA, he was one of 5 residents who were enrolled in an offshoot of the SSTP, which was the Scholarship in Surgery Program (SIS), for residents whose degree were non-thesis based. Fayez was awarded his MBA in June 2008. George-Armstrong Peters Prize - awarded to a young investigator who has shown outstanding productivity during his initial period as an independent investigator as evidenced by research publications in peer reviewed journals, grants held, and students trained was awarded to Victor Yang (Surgeon Scientist, Neurosurgery, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre).

group photo

Mohammed Al-Omran and Ori Rotstein

group photo

Michael Fehlings, Geoffrey Fernie and James Rutka

Mohammed Al-Omran (Surgeon Investigator, Vascular Surgery, St. Michael’s Hospital) received The Charles Tator Surgeon Scientist Mentoring Award - recognizing individuals supervising participants in the SSTP who emulate Professor Tator’s qualities, namely excellence in research, commitment to SSTP mentoring and dedication to promotion of Surgeon-Scientists; Geoffrey Fernie (Senior Scientist, Orthopaedics, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, UHN) received The Lister Prize - awarded to an investigator who has shown outstanding and continuing productivity of international stature as evidenced by research publications, grants held, students trained and other evidence of stature of the work produced.

The Shafie Fazel Award, established in memory of Dr. Shafie Fazel is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments during his/ her residency both as a surgeon and as an investigator, was presented to Alireza Mansouri (PGY VI, Neurosurgery).

group photo

James Rutka, Cindy Boulanger-Gobeil and Zane Cohen

The Zane Cohen Clinical Fellowship, presented to a clinical fellow who has practiced and achieved at the highest-level while being a clinical fellow in the Department of Surgery, was awarded to Cindy Boulanger-Gobeil (PGY VII, Surgical Oncology).

group photo

Ron Levine and Robert Stewart

group photo

Peter Ferguson with Jeremy Hall

The Tovee Award, presented to an academic staff member of the Department of Surgery who has made the greatest contribution to the educational activities of the Department, as exemplified by Dr. E. Bruce Tovee during his outstanding career. This year’s recipient of the Tovee Postgraduate Prize is Robert Stewart (Surgeon Teacher, Urology, St. Michael’s Hospital). Jeremy Hall (Surgeon Teacher, Orthopaedics, St. Michael’s Hospital) received the Tovee Undergraduate Prize.

group photo

Oleg Safir and Gideon Cohen

The Surgical Skills Centre Distinguished Educator Award demonstrates the Centre’s commitment to surgical skills education. This award recognizes those individuals who have made exemplary, innovative contributions to teaching and learning in the Surgical Skills Centre over the past year. This was presented to Gideon Cohen (Surgeon Investigator, Cardiovascular Surgery, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre).

D.R. Wilson Award for teaching is made annually to the surgical resident who is rated by undergraduate students as being an outstanding teacher. This year the recipient of this award, whose teaching has been highly evaluated by medical students, is Matthew Murphy (PGY V, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). Matthew demonstrated a positive attitude toward teaching and was considered to be an exemplary surgical role model for undergraduate medical students.

group photo

Sylvia Perry

group photo

Val Cabral and Nancy Condo

The 52 judges for the e-poster competition as well as the 13 timers, who volunteered their time for the e-poster judging deserve special thanks, as well as the Research Committee members who reviewed and judged the oral presentations. As we take pride on how great the Day and Evening awards ceremony went, we need to acknowledge the tremendous effort it took from everyone involved. The Day could not have gone as well as it did without everyone’s participation and collaborative efforts. Thanks again this year to Andrea McCart for assigning the judges to the posters, Elisa Greco and Carmine Simone for expertly moderating the sessions, and Sylvia Perry for making sure the day’s and evening preparations were adhered to flawlessly.

A very special thanks to Val Cabral for her tremendous dedication and hard work in bringing together different facets of Gallie Day to perfection.

As we look forward to the next Gallie Day extravaganza, mark Friday May 11, 2018 in your iPAD, iPOD, Smartphone.

Val Cabral (with contributions from Michael G. Fehlings)

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