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Ed Hickey (CardSurg) was featured in the National Post

Maral Ouzounian (Card Surg) was featured as a working mother on Mother’s Day: Link to Toronto Star

Glen Van Arsdell (CardSurg) was featured in Toronto Star

Nancy Baxter (GenSurg) in mentioned in an article on the power of female surgeons: Link to Toronto Star

Zane Cohen (GenSurg) has been recently recognized for his many contributions to General Surgery at Mt Sinai and at UofT: Link to Toronto Star

Michael Cusimano and James Rutka (NeurSurg) discuss the dangers of unregulated concussion clinics in an article published by CBC, which is accompanied by a video.

Michael Cusimano’s work on the cost of emergency department visits for traumatic brain injuries is discussed in an AANS EurekaAlert! article.

Nancy Down’s (GenSurg) contribution to creating opportunities for medical students in financial need: Link to article.

The National Post published a piece on the mental health of doctors, which features an interview with Mark Bernstein (NeurSurg). Link to National Post

Peter Dirks and Michael Taylor (NeurSurg) are featured in Faculty of Medicine article.

Nir Lipsman and Vivek Bodani (NeuroSurg) were featured in pieces in the Neurosurgery Market Watch newsletter. Nir discusses technological advances in functional neurosurgery (page 3). Vivek discusses his work on a surgical simulator that helps to facilitate training for neurosurgery residents, for which he was supported by an AANS Technology Development Grant (page 9). The pieces can also be accessed online here.

Nir Lipsman and Andres Lozano discuss their study on how Deep Brain Stimulation could treat anorexia on CTV News.

CBS News has published a video and article about a patient receiving electrodes in her brain as part of a clinical trial of deep brain stimulation for Alzheimer’s disease led by Andres Lozano (NeurSurg). Link to CBS News

Charles Tator (NeurSurg) participated in the “We Can Do Better: Governor General’s Conference on Concussions in Sport” in Ottawa, hosted by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada. Charles is featured in an interview about the conference and the future of concussion care, which can be accessed on UHN website.

Charles Tator discusses how to handle concussions: Link to Macleans Magazine

Taufik Valiante’s (NeurSurg) work on music therapy as a treatment for epilepsy is featured in a Newswire article. Link to Newswire

A press release on Victor Yang (NeurSurg) with his new development - the Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery (MIGS™) system that will enhance spinal imaging for neurosurgeons across North America, can be accessed here:
Link to article at MedDeviceOnline
Link to YouTube

Jas Chahal (Ortho Surg) and a team of six, all of whom have different backgrounds and skill-sets, have set up an on-demand physiotherapy platform. Link to Globe and Mail

Mark Erwin (OrthoSurg) was recently featured in SpinalNews International

Mark Erwin discusses his work on disc degeneration in an article published by Nass Daily News.

Oleh Antonyshyn (PlasSurg) led another successful mission to Ukraine, February 25, 2017. Link to NewPathway Ukranian News

SickKids kid Ella learns about the operating suites at SickKids from Dr. Forrest, Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery and medical director of the SickKids Centre for Craniofacial Care and Research. Link to YouTube

Marc Jeschke (PlasSurg) was on CTV news February 6, 2017 speaking on the salt and ice challenge.
Link to CTV

Link to Sunnybrook

Shaf Keshavjee (ThorSurg) was featured in Toronto Star and the UofT Magazine

Walid Farhat (Urol) was featured in Toronto Star

Neil Fleshner (Urology) was featured in the National Post

Sender Herschorn (Urol) was recently featured in the U of T Medicine Magazine and the Faculty of Medicine website

Giuseppe Papia (VascSurg) and his team have trademarked their fundraising campaign “Project Saving Legs” at Sunnybrook and recently were featured on CTV News

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