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Sunnybrook Burn Symposium Celebrates Walter Peters

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Sunnybrook Burn Care Symposium

On June 4, 2013, the first Burn Day Symposium was held at the Sunnybrook Vaughan Estates.

The opening remarks by Barry McLellan, President and CEO of Sunnybrook, were followed by the introduction of the first inaugural Walter J. Peters Honorary Lecture. Christopher Forrest, Chair of the Division of Plastic Surgery, introduced the Dr. Peters. The first inaugural lecture was given by Richard Gamelli, Senior Vice President and Provost of Health Sciences at Loyola University of Chicago.

Gamelli speaking
Richard Gamelli

Dr. Gamelli, a world-renowned burn surgeon, is currently the President of the International Society for Burn Injuries, past President of the American Burn Association, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Burn Care and Research. His talk focused on Clinical Translational Science, demonstrating how changes in the bone marrow in an in- vitro model as well as a clinical model change clinical practice.

Dr. Gordon Rubenfeld, Chief of the Trauma, Emergency and Critical Care program at Sunnybrook and a world expert in respiratory distress syndrome, gave an overview of current diagnoses, an update on ARDS, and the implications for management of burn patients.

Avery Nathens, Surgeon-in-Chief Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, spoke about quality improvement in trauma. His unique role in transforming the care of trauma patients in the province of Ontario was delineated and demonstrated how this could potentially become a Provincial Burn Program.

Sarvesh Logsetty, the Burn Unit Director at the Manitoba Health Sciences Centre, spoke about novel data that his team collected on significant, long term cognitive impairment in burn patients. This unrecognized and underestimated finding shows that a burn is not over when the skin has healed, as the psyche is significantly affected for several years post-burn.

Anthony Papp, the Medical Director of the BC Professional Firefighters’ Burn Unit and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, spoke about the differences in post-burn responses related to Ethnicity and Etiologies. In his study of over 5,000 patients, different etiologies and ethnicities, resulted in different outcomes, suggesting that new treatment approaches can be focused on particular patient populations.

The New Developments session featured Critical Care and Pain Management by Shar Shahrokhi, Advances in the Therapy of Severe Facial Burns by Robert Cartotto, Rehabilitation by Manuel Gomez , Change in Outpatient Care Small Burns by Joel Fish. Lastly, Robert Jaunkalns presented on Delirium in the ICU. Burn ICU patients have one of the highest incidences of delirium. Robert beautifully demonstrated how burn trauma can be linked to the Delirium associated with drugs and injuries.

The afternoon concluded with Pro and Con Debates on the use of antioxidants, use of sedation interruption as well as the use of pressure garments.

The message of the day was: “We will drive towards a Provincial Burn Program in Ontario. The Mission is to create a Canadian Burn initiative and database in order to improve care in the country.”

The response to this inaugural event attended by over 200 participants was overwhelmingly positive. Plans are currently being made for a Second Annual Sunnybrook Burn Symposium.

Marc Jeschke
Director, Ross Tilley Burn Centre

Walter Peters
Walter Peters

Most of the faculty and house-staff may not realize that the Ross Tilley Burn Centre (RTBC) had its inception at the Wellesley Hospital located at the corner of Wellesley and Sherbourne Street. The Centre was established in 1984 and was under the directorship of Dr. Wally Peters. Wally did a phenomenal job of providing state if the art burn care for almost 2 decades and was instrumental in shaping the careers of several people who have gone on to bigger things (Dr. Peter Neligan, Dr. Dimitri Anastakis, Dr. Joel Fish and Dr. Rob Cartotto to mention a few).

Christopher Forrest,
Chair, Division of Plastic Surgery

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