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Promotions & Appointments

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, Professor James Rutka has served our Department as the Dan Family Professor and Chair of the Division of Neurosurgery for the last eleven years. To capture Jim's accomplishments in a few sentences is impossible. Suffice it to say that Jim has been an incredible leader of what may just be the best Division of Neurosurgery in the world. Our Department is indebted to Jim for his great gifts to the Department over the last decade; the gift of his time, the gift of his talents, and the gift of his commitment.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Professor Andres Lozano has accepted the position of Chair of the Division of Neurosurgery for a five-year term starting September 1, 2010. Andres is a functional neurosurgeon at the Toronto Western Hospital of University Health Network. Andres is married to Marie and they have two boys, Alexander, age 16 and Christopher, age 14. Andres is a world-renowned neurosurgeon, having made seminal contributions throughout his career. He holds the Tasker Chair in functional neurosurgery and is a Canada Research Chair.

Andres went to medical school at the University of Ottawa and then did his neurosurgery residency and PhD at McGill. He then came to Toronto as a fellow in functional neurosurgery under Ron Tasker.

Since his appointment to our Department, Andres' accomplishments have been tremendous. To mention a few, Andres is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a member of the Order of Spain, the recipient of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Medal in Surgery, the recipient of the Penfield award from the Canadian Neurosurgical Society and he will deliver the Winn Prize lecture, an honour bestowed upon him by the Society of Neurological Surgeons.

Andres work in neurosurgery has focused on the use of brain stimulation to treat Parkinson's disease. More recently this pioneering work has been extended to treat patients with depression and with Alzheimer's disease.

Andres has published in excess of three hundred papers, holds multiple peer reviewed grants and has delivered 400 lectures to universities and learned societies worldwide.

Please join us in thanking Jim Rutka for eleven fabulous years and welcoming Andres as the new Chair in Neurosurgery.

David Latter and Richard Reznick

Darius Bagli was promoted to Full Professor in the Division of Urology

David Fisher was promoted to Associate Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery

William Tucker was promoted to Professor in the Division of Neurosurgery

Eric Massicotte was promoted to Associate Professor in the Division of Neurosurgery

Michael Taylor was promoted to Associate Professor in the Division of Neurosurgery.

Michael was also appointed as Chair, Young Investigators Committee, Society for Neuro-Oncology.

Barry Rubin (PlasSurg) has been appointed as Program Medical Director of the Peter Munk Cardiac Center.

Gideon Cohen, Sunnybrook has been appointed as the new Program Director for the Division of Cardiac Surgery.

Chris Wallace (Division of Neurosurgery) has been appointed as President of the Canadian Neurosurgical Society for a term of 2 years.

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