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CMA Service Medalist Hugh Scully

Hugh Scully
Hugh Scully

The Canadian Medical Association's Medal of Service is awarded based on excellence in service to the profession; service to the people of Canada in raising the standards of medical practice in Canada; and personal contributions to the advancement of the art and science of medicine. Hugh Scully (Division of Cardiac Surgery) was the 2010 CMA Medal of Service winner. The announcement praises Hugh's outstanding leadership in a remarkable range of activities. (See also article on Vehicular Trauma, Surgical Spotlight Summer 2009).

"In making this award, the CMA Board of Directors recognizes your service to the physicians of Canada and the citizens of our country. You have advanced the art and science of medicine on a global scale. You have demonstrated tireless commitment to your patients, colleagues and the profession and have influenced health policy direction at the provincial, national and international levels. Your work personifies excellence; whether in the operating room, boardroom, halls of government and academia, or at trackside".


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