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Scientists in Surgery

Approximately 15% of our surgical faculty are individuals who are non-MDs and work as full time scientists. These individuals are significant contributors to the research effort of our Department. This section will endeavour to profile excellence in research among the scientists in our Department.


Manuel Gomez
Manuel Gomez
Dr. Manuel Gomez is the unsung hero of our Burn Unit. It is difficult to put in words all of the duties, responsibilities, and positions held by Manuel. His involvement in our Burn Centre has allowed us to attain National and International recognition. A general surgeon who trained in Columbia, he left his home to travel to Toronto to make a better life for his family. In addition to holding specialty training in General Surgery, Manuel obtained a Master of Science Degree at the University of Toronto, a Certificate in Community Health, and he is an accredited Tissue Bank Specialist. He is involved at many levels with the various professional burn associations including the Canadian Special Interest Group, the American Burn Association as well as the International Society for Burn Injuries.

Dr. Gomez worked as a Clinical Fellow in the Ross Tilley Burn Centre when the clinical care was provided at the Wellesley Hospital. He switched his career to become a fulltime Research Associate at the Burn Unit following his clinical fellowship. Since then he has spent all his time completing studies and publishing manuscripts so that our burn centre is recognized internationally. His appointment to the Department of Surgery as an Assistant Professor in 2004 represented an achievement which resulted from all the work that Dr. Gomez has been involved in for the burn centre. There are multiple areas within the Critical Care/Trauma Program that Dr. Gomez interfaces with currently. He has more than 60 peer reviewed publications and hundreds of abstracts presented at international meetings. As part of his work and his role in the Division of Plastic Surgery and the Department of Surgery he is always the person to 'show up' and support other members of the Department. When Manuel was first introduced to the world of burn care, we would travel to meetings together and I would introduce him to others. The tables have now turned - when I attend meetings with Manuel, he is now introducing me to many of the people he works with. The dedication and commitment that Dr. Gomez brings to his job has led to his becoming a mentor and role model for many that have traveled through the Burn Unit.

It is a pleasure to highlight some of the accomplishments of one of the outstanding members of our Department in our newsletter.

Joel Fish
Division of Plastic Surgery
Medical Director, Ross Tilley Burn Centre

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