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Boundless Possibilities


David Naylor
President David Naylor

Throughout the last century, our professors and their students, supported by our excellent staff, developed insulin and the electron microscope, discovered the chemical laser and stem cells, redefined literary criticism, modern media and the digital age, roamed the world to uncover ancient civilizations, invented the glycemic index and pioneered in fields as diverse as organ transplantation and computer graphics. Today, in total research output, the top three universities in the world are Harvard, Tokyo and Toronto.

David Naylor in President’s Message, UofT Magazine Winter 2012, p. 5

©Reprinted with permission from UofT Magazine

Medicine and the health sciences are at a pivotal moment.

Never in history have we witnessed such an explosion of knowledge in the biomedical sciences, nor have we had such powerful tools at our disposal to understand the underlying mechanisms of health and disease. With this profound shift in knowledge, we have unprecedented opportunities to pre-empt, modulate, and even eradicate some of the world’s most common illnesses.


The University of Toronto is one of the few places in the world with the comprehensive multidisciplinary strength needed to address the most important challenges in human health today.

The Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto encompasses the education of medical leaders as well as world-class biomedical research and discovery. This talented network includes more than 340 faculty members and over 375 learners at all levels, located both on campus and at our six fully affiliated and two partially affiliated teaching hospitals. Very few universities - or cities, for that matter - possess such a critical mass of expertise.

This past fall saw the public launch of the University’s new $2 billion capital campaign. Entitled BOUNDLESS, the campaign is about exploring boundless possibilities for global leadership and societal impact.

launch of fundraising campaign
President David Naylor (left), Chancellor David Peterson (centre) and Vice- President (Advancement) David Palmer are surrounded by students as they launch the University of Toronto’s new fundraising campaign. (Photo by Caz Zyvatkauskas)

The campaign has targeted substantial funding towards faculty recruitment and retention, student programming and financial aid, research and programs, and infrastructure. By theme, funds from the campaign will prepare UofT faculty, students and staff to be global citizens as we build global fluency, shape student life and learning, and ensure access and opportunity.

To meet the global challenges facing the University, the campaign will support new knowledge and pioneering research, foster prosperity through invention and innovation, drive breakthroughs in human development and health, address energy, sustainability, and the environment, to help us build successful societies.

Over the coming year, the Faculty of Medicine will incorporate this theme into major public activities and we look forward to officially launch the BOUNDLESS MEDICINE campaign, at which time we will announce our goal as well as our key public platforms.

For more information about the BOUNDLESS campaign please visit www.boundless.utoronto.ca.

Darina Landa
Senior Development Officer,
University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine

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