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Prizes and Progress in Urology

Michael Jewett
Michael Jewett

During this past year, Michael Jewett received three prestigious awards: The American Urological Association’s Distinguished Contributions Award for lifelong contributions in urologic oncology, the CUA Award which is an infrequently presented lifetime contribution award from the Canadian Urological Association, and the Medal of the Society of Urological Oncology, a North American multidisciplinary group. All were received within the same five week period!

In answer to the question: What’s new in Urology? Michael described a recent visit of Professor Andreas Melzer, the Director of the Institute for Medical Science and Technology in Dundee, Scotland (for a virtual tour http://imsat.org/virtualtour.htm ). Work going on in the Institute exemplifies innovations that will change Urology. "Meltzer is studying high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) thermal ablation using MR guidance for prostate and kidney cancer.. He has invented a robot to perform more precise biopsies during MRI imaging. He has perfected a technique of embalming that keeps cadavers sufficiently flexible that they can be subjected to laparoscopic and other operations with high fidelity to the texture of living human tissue. They are ideal subjects for developing new technology as well as for teaching. Meltzer spoke at TECHNA, the new UHN Research Institute.

The field of urology is advancing rapidly. Neil Fleishner and his colleagues are biobanking urine and blood samples on every cancer patient treated in the urologic oncology program. This can be correlated with the natural history of their cancers and with the genome of the tumors, which have been preserved frozen as has every tumor resected at the UHN for the past six years."

Michael’s practice has evolved into oncology exclusively, as our University urology practice is now compartmentalized by mission. "Each of the urologic services at the various university affiliated hospitals has a 30% platform of general urology and a 70% focus on particular areas of expertise. St. Michael’s Hospital specializes in stones, Toronto Western on neuro-oncology (for example stimulation of the bladder), and Mount Sinai Hospital on Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction.

Michael’s focus is on kidney cancer, testicular cancer with retroperitoneal node dissection (RPLND) and cystectomies for bladder cancer. Michael holds two chairs in kidney cancer which makes it possible for him to support two post-doctoral students, three research coordinators, as well as fellows and a large research program. His wife, Brenda Gallie, the distinguished ophthalmologist, geneticist and cancer researcher, has worked with him to develop apps for patients in the urologic oncology program that allow them to record and access their records at the point of care. Their doctors receive an autofax of the clinic notes from their visit to the urologic oncology clinic that arrives by the time they reach their home. Sunnybrook has developed a portal, which patients can access to print their records and laboratory results. These are remarkable advances in patient centered care.


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