Bigelow Lecture: Turning Data into Performance Management

Bigelow lecturer Robert Bell focused his presentation on turning data into performance improvement, using cancer surgery as the focus of his narrative.

Now that we are mid-way through our Strategic Plan - Transforming Surgery: Beyond the cutting edge - I thought it would be opportune to review the progress we have made in each of our strategic directions.
Fistbumps are celebratory greetings, expressing proper respect [“props”].
Crossgrove lecturer Charles Balch delivered a riveting lecture on burnout among surgeons with this challenge.
Academic surgeons need mentoring early in their careers, a view that is well supported in the literature.
The 40th Gallie Day focused on commercialization and innovation, as the key to driving new discoveries and to enable their translation into practical clinical solutions. These goals embody the essence of what it means to be an academic surgeon in 2014.
In 2009, the Zane Cohen Centre was founded, bringing together a multidisciplinary team whose goal has been to build knowledge and provide comprehensive care to families affected by hereditary bowel cancer and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
Oleh Antonyshyn and colleagues recently had coverage by CBC of their Canada Ukraine Foundation / Operation Rainbow Canada surgical mission to Kyiv

Giuseppe Papia was recently on the CAHO (The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario) website for his tibial angioplasty work
Carol Swallow appointed as Bernard and Ryna Langer Chair, Division of General Surgery

Thomas Forbes appointed as Chair, Division of Vascular Surgery

Martin Gargan appointed Division Head of Orthopedic Surgery, The Hospital for Sick Children
Mark Peterson(CardSurg) and his team successfully placed a Fortis trans-catheter mitral valve in a patient, the first implant in North America and the 5th implant in humans.

Sandra de Montbrun (GenSurg) received a 1 year grant from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for her project “Development and Evaluation of an Objective Assessment of Technical Skill for Graduating General Surgery Residents”

Teodor Grantcharov(GenSurg) was the keynote speaker at the Surgical Skills Summit hosted by McMaster University Health Sciences

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