Trauma Surgery in Khandahar and Toronto

Homer Tien with Vivian, Evalyn, Julia and Abigail
Under the leadership of trauma surgeon and Lieutenant Colonel Homer Tien, and his regular tours of duty in Afghanistan, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the University of Toronto are contributing to the Canadian forces' academic and research activities.

The new University of Toronto Collaborative Bariatric Surgery Program will help the province address the ever-increasing waiting list for weight loss surgery, and stem the tide of Ontario patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery outside of Canada.
In his new book, motorcycle mechanic and political philosopher Matthew Crawford contrasts the experience of individual agency he derives from repairing motorcycles with the diffuse and unfocused rewards of his life as a doctoral level "knowledge worker".
Ontario Minister of Health David Caplan took forty minutes of questions from his audience following an excellent Kergin Lecture. In the spirit of Dr. Kergin, he promised to improve healthcare by listening to their suggestions and advice.
Paediatric general and thoracic surgeon Peter Kim takes great pride in the airway reconstruction team (ART) at the Hospital for Sick Children.
"Leadership is thoughtful; it is not about charisma". An enthusiastic group of surgeons and surgical nurses gathered in April, on Leadership Day, to learn from the examples of leaders throughout history, from Henry V to Barack Obama to Surgeon-in-Chief Bryce Taylor.
Minimally invasive brain surgery (MIBS) has evolved to include small skin incisions, better illumination, and minimal disturbance of the normal brain tissue. The philosophy is to create as little disruption to the patient as possible -- the clinical value of minimally disrupting the patient's tissues is to allow the patient to recover quickly and resume his/her normal life as soon as possible.
Robert C. Cartotto (PlasSurg) won the 2009 Arnis Freiberg Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Toronto.

Howard M. Clarke (PlasSurg) has been elected President of the American Society for Peripheral Nerve (ASPN) for a one-year term which will end with the annual meeting of the society in 2010. Howard is internationally recognized for his expertise on obstetrical brachial plexus palsy and paediatric nerve surgery.
The 25th Anniversary of the Surgeon Scientist Program

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