Science Without Borders

Subodh Verma, pictured here with daughter Meena and son Raj
Cardiac surgeon and Canada Research Chair in Atherosclerosis Subodh Verma is bringing scholars and technicians from the King Saud University in Riyadh to his laboratory at St. Michael’s Hospital.

There is a tension between the need for intense exposure and repetitive practice in the development of expertise versus a more balanced lifestyle for our surgical trainees.
10,000 hours of deliberate practice is critical for taking musicians to a level of expertise that enables them to play on the concert stage, or for athletes to compete at a professional level.
1.2 million people are killed and 50 million are seriously injured each year on the roads of the world.
The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital's Adrian Bianchi shows how children speak implicitly to surgeons, telling them what the goal of surgery should be.
The Department of Surgery staff, residents and students highlighted their impressive level of research productivity at this year’s Gallie Day.
Andy Smith is excited about the opportunities and responsibilities of the research enterprise, the educational mandate and the clinical opportunities in the Division of General Surgery.
Najma Ahmed (GenSurg) received the Canadian Association of General Surgeons' research award for her study "Crisis in the General Surgery Work Force: Identifying Barriers to Career Satisfaction and Opportunities to Manage Attrition among Residents and Practicing General Surgeons".

Paul Binhammer (PlasSurg) received the Distinguished Education Award for his outstanding contribution to Surgical Skills Education.
Raymond Heimbecker has been elected one of the University of Saskatchewan’s 100 Alumni of Influence.

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