Lee Errett named Professor of Global Surgery

Despite the work of committed individuals and organizations, the urgent need for surgical care in the world’s poorest regions has been widely under-recognized. Worldwide 5 billion people cannot access safe, timely and affordable surgical care.

I want to take this opportunity to reflect on our many successes and achievements these past 5 years. I am most proud of the prodigious academic output by our faculty members, residents and fellows.
Dean Trevor Young has asked each of the departments in the Faculty of Medicine to provide a viewpoint paper from their perspective on physician assisted death.
“It is a privilege to be in the Department of Surgery. That is where my roots and academic identity lie. I feel it is now time to give back to Surgery – to work with Jim Rutka and to give opportunities to other surgeons.”
Many years ago insulin was developed in the laboratory and taken to clinical use (remarkably) within seven months. We are now taking a laboratory discovery to the clinic, but our transition interval was 25 years.
Lloyd Smith and his colleagues at North York General Hospital have developed a focus in Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Plastics, Urology, and Gynecology to give emergency patients better access to the OR in daytime hours.
I met with Dr. William (Bill) Spence this summer in the Departmental office in the Stewart Building. He informed me that he has been associated with the Department of Surgery at the University Toronto now for an unbelievable 66 years!
Nancy Baxter (GenSurg) received both national and international media coverage for her study on the impact of sleep deprivation on surgeon performance.

Michael Cusimano’s (NeurSurg) work on pediatric head injuries related to falling television sets is featured in a CBC News article.
James Rutka reappointed as Chair of the Department of Surgery

Tony Finelli appointed as Head of the Division of Urology at UHN

Fred Gentili appointed as the Crean Hotson Chair in Skull Base Surgery
Barbara (Dee) Ballyk (Anat) has received a 2015 W.T. Aikins Award for Excellence in Course/Program Development and Coordination

Christopher Caldarone (CardSurg) has been appointed as the Dr. Robert B. Salter Chair in Surgery at The Hospital for Sick Children as Chief of Perioperative Services

George Christakis (CardSurg) received the John Provan award for undergraduate medical education across Canada.

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