A Lifesaving Implant for Thoracic Insufficiency

Robert Campbell
Harland Smith lecturer Robert Campbell discussed the anatomical basis of scoliosis, his innovative corrective device, and the tribulations of surgical innovation at the patient and FDA levels.

The Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib

David Latter concludes his term as Interim Chair by discussing salient issues confronting the surgical world.
Surgical Ethics, a field as old as surgery, raises challenging issues including deception, anonymous altruistic organ donation and surgical ethics education.
Andrew Howard, Alex Mihailovic and Georges Azzie from the Office of International Surgery share experiences in Africa and Haiti, and the benefits and challenges of the International Program developed by the University of Toronto.
American College of Surgeons Optimal Care Director Clifford Ko addresses a basic question regarding surgical quality: “How do we know that we are doing it right?”
University Rounds on January 7th focused on lasers in surgery, benefiting from the presence of a distinguished lecturer, Dwaine Miller
The group started with the main focus on women interested in a surgical career, but it has enlarged its scope to include the challenges for both genders at all levels.
Controversies & Dilemmas in the Management of Thyroid and Parathyroid Diseases
Toronto, June 11-12, 2011

Maurice Blitz has joined the Department of Surgery as attending thoracic surgeon at St. Joseph's Hospital in Toronto. He brings special expertise in minimal access surgery of the lung and esophagus. He succeeds Yaron Shargall as the Department's Associate Director of Undergraduate Education for Integrated Education.
Ab Guha (NeurSurg) received a 2 year grant from B.R.A.I.N Child for his work on Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Expression, Activations and Inhibition in High Grade Pediatric Gliomas.
Ab also received a 5-year CIHRGrant for his work "Oncogene-containing microvesicles as mediators and messengers of tumour progression".

Barry Rubin (VascSurg) was awarded the 2010 Lister Prize in Surgery for sustained excellence in surgical research over the course of a career, for his research into the mechanisms that regulate recovery of heart function after a heart attack.

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