Forty-Five New Residents in Surgery

Ron Levine
Ron Levine
A fantastic cohort of new residents has beaten the competition to enter the Gallie Program in July, 2011. They have diverse and interesting backgrounds.

The Department of Surgery continues to grow with expansion of the number of trainees in many of the surgical specialties. The expertise and enthusiasm of their teachers and resident colleagues promises that our residents will be the best taught ever.

Forty-five residents have entered the department. Thirty-seven have come through the CaRMS match and are Canadian Medical School graduates. Six have come through the IMG match and include Canadians who have studied abroad and are returning to Canada for their surgical training as well as Permanent Residents who have obtained their MD in foreign countries and will be practicing in Ontario. Two are visa trainees, who will return to their home country following training. What a great gift this diverse group of bright young minds brings to our department. Welcome new residents!

Ronald H. Levine, MD
Director, Postgraduate Surgical Education
Department of Surgery

Daniel Abramowitz
Daniel Abramowitz - GS
Mohammed Al Jughiman
Mohammed Al Jughiman - CS
Abdulrahman Aldakkan
Abdulrahman Aldakkan - NS
Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin - PS
Lucas Bristow
Lucas Bristow - OS
James Byrne
James Byrne - GS
Joseph Catapano
Joseph Catapano - PS
William Cherniak
William Cherniak - GS
Ashton Connor
Ashton Connor - GS
Maryam Elm
Maryam Elmi - GS
Suzan Ergun
Suzan Ergun - GS
Christopher Farlinger
Christopher Farlinger - OS
Alaina Garbens
Alaina Garbens - US
Brandon Girardi
Brandon Girardi - OS
Jason Shrouder-Henry
Jason Shrouder-Henry - OS
Kathryn Isaac
Kathryn Isaac - PS
David Jaramillo
David Jaramillo - GS
Jordan Van Orman
Jordan Van Orman - CS
Joshua Greenberg
Joshua Greenberg - GS
Christopher Kim
Christopher Kim - OS
Yonah Krakowsky
Yonah Krakowsky - US
Michael Mackechnie
Michael Mackechnie - OS
Melinda Maggisano
Melinda Maggisano - GS
Alireza-Syed Mansouri
Alireza-Syed Mansouri - NS
Mark Miller
Mark Miller - OS
Dorotea Mutabzic
Dorotea Mutabzic - GS
Alireza Naderipour
Alireza Naderipour - OS
Ryan Nazar
Ryan Nazar - NS
Dylan Pannell
Dylan Pannell - GS
Sam Park
Sam Park - OS
Amandeep Pooni
Amandeep Pooni - GS
Jessica Quan
Jessica Quan - NS
Adnan Qureshi
Adnan Qureshi - GS
Karim Ramji
Karim Ramji - GS
Caroline Scott
Caroline Scott - OS
Natashia Seeman
Natashia Seeman - GS
Peter Szasz
Peter Szasz - GS
Christopher Wallis
Christopher Wallis - US
Jesse Wolfstadt
Jesse Wolfstadt - GS
Nathalie Wong Chong
Nathalie Wong Chong - GS
Hanmu Yan Yan
Hanmu Yan Yan - US
Teng-Chih Tony Yang
Teng-Chih Tony Yang - GS

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