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Jordan Van Orman Enters Cardiac Residency

Jordan and Family

Jordan with Cydney Van Orman and their son Augustus

First year cardiac resident Jordan Van Orman is from Alberta. He completed his undergraduate training in Utah at Brigham Young University, followed by two years of missionary work in the Philippines. He then completed an MD - PhD at the Medical College of Wisconsin. His thesis was on factors that influence differentiation of cardiac cells from embryonic stem cells. He plans to practice cardiac surgery in an academic centre.

He is enjoying the 6 year program here where there are 11 highly enthusiastic and excellent residents enrolled. He completed his first rotation at Toronto East General Hospital with Rob Zeldin, “an excellent place to start a surgical rotation with plenty of operating, plenty of supervision and plenty of responsibility.”

His father and brothers are in finance, an uncle is a pediatric neurologist. His wife Cydney is finishing her art history degree at the University of Toronto. They live in the Bathurst and St. Clair area with their 18 months old son, Augustus.

His academic path “might include a post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory or clinical research, following the models of Tyrone David, Steve Fremes and Vivek Rao.” He was inspired by the outstanding teaching at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin by Mike Mitchell, a pediatric cardiac surgeon who trained at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s and Philadelphia Children’s Hospital.


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