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Teodor Grantcharov on Metabolic Surgery

Teodor Grantcharov was trained in Copenhagen, completed his minimally invasive surgery fellowship in Pittsburgh, and then joined the University of Toronto faculty with an academic interest in surgical education and a clinical interest in minimally invasive foregut surgery (http://www.surgicalspotlight.ca/Shared/PDF/Winter07.pdf). His research on surgical training is conducted with surgical scientists at the Skills Centre in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, and with Oleg Safir at the Mount Sinai Skills Centre. A major theme of the research is the development of training curricula and testing their effectiveness, as described nearby in Teodor's Peters Prize lecture.

Teodor and Ori Rotstein provide surgical treatment for obesity at St. Michael's Hospital. Their team performs about 130 bariatric procedures per year, in addition to other minimal access and open general surgical procedures. "We enjoy the bariatric patients' new lease on life. It is amazing to see them coming in without their oxygen, without their wheelchair, without their cane. They arrive in shorts and are extremely happy and gratifying for us to see."

How does it happen?

"It's hormonal. The surgery reduces hunger, cures diabetes and other components of the metabolic syndrome. The mechanism is still mysterious, but becoming clearer. We get patients from othopaedics because of arthritis, respirology because of apnea, endocrinology because of diabetes and family practice for all of these indications. The patients are cured in a limited sense. It is a forcing function to modify their behaviour, but they must comply to avoid regaining weight after one year."

Teodor and his family love Toronto. They have been here for 5 and a half years. His children were born in Denmark, spent 2 years in the United States during training. Ori and Richard Reznick recruited him. "Our family adopts all the teams, no matter how bad they are – Raptors, Leafs and Jays. You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your relatives or your home teams."

What are you reading?

"Nothing, because the family is learning golf together. It takes all our time. 13 year old Phillip, 16 year old Peter and wife Tania go out and golf with every spare minute. Tania is an economist, a writer and an equestrian who keeps her horses on a farm near Stouffville.

Grantcharov family

Teodor Grantcharov with his wife Tania, their 2 children Phillip and Peter, and Bautista


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