New Residents in Surgery

Ron Levine
Ron Levine

The Department of Surgery continues to grow with expansion of the number of trainees in many of the surgical specialties. The expertise and enthusiasm of their teachers and resident colleagues promises that will be the best taught ever.

Forty-three new residents have entered the department. Forty have come through the CaRMS match and are Canadian Medical School graduates. Two have come through the IMG match and include Canadians who have studied abroad and are returning to Canada for their surgical training as well as Permanent Residents who have obtained their MD in foreign countries and will be practicing in Ontario. One is a visa trainee, who will return home following training. What a great gift this diverse group of bright young minds brings to our department. Welcome new residents!

Ronald H. Levine, MD
Director, Postgraduate Surgical Education

Christopher Ahuja
Christopher Ahuja - NS
Naif Mitla Alotaibi
Naif Mitla Alotaibi - NS
Jason Booy
Jason Booy - GS
David Burns
David Burns - OS
Andrea Chan
Andrea Chan - OS
Eric Crawford
Eric Crawford - OS
Dhiraj Dhanjani
Dhiraj Dhanjani - US
Andras Fecso
Andras Fecso - GS
Erin Gordey
Erin Gordey - OS
Daipayan Guha
Daipayan (Deep) Guha - NS
Mohammad Hajiha
Mohammad Hajiha - US
Victoria Hayward
Victoria Hayward - PS
Nikki Hoffman
Nikki Hoffman - GS
Rayisa Hontscharuk
Rayisa Hontscharuk - PS
Mohamad Hussain
Mohamad Hussain - VS
Ricky Jrearz
Ricky Jrearz - GS
James Jung
James Jung - GS
Daniel Kagedan
Daniel Kagedan - GS
Hafiz Kassam
Hafiz Kassam - OS
Ryan Katchky
Ryan Katchky - OS
Sabrina Kolker
Sabrina Kolker - OS
Shuyin Liang
Shuyin Liang - GS
Stephanie Mason
Stephanie Mason - GS
Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy - PS
Madhur Nayan
Madhur Nayan - US
Joshua Ng
Joshua Ng - GS
Dale Podolsky
Dale Podolsky - PS
ARafael Gonzalez Pupo
Rafael Gonzalez Pupo - VS
Adarsh Rao
Adarsh Rao - OS
Stephanie Ramkumar
Stephanie Ramkumar - GS
David Berger-Richardson
David Berger-Richardson - GS
James Rofaiel
James Rofaiel - OS
Trisha Roy
Trisha Roy - VS
Ujash Sheth
Ujash Sheth - OS
Courtney Spelliscy
Courtney Spelliscy - US
Maeve O'Neill Trudeau
Maeve O'Neill Trudeau - GS
Rachel Vanderlaan
Rachel Vanderlaan - CS
Shelley Wang - NS
Shelley Wang - NS
Christopher Witiw
Christopher Witiw - NS
Petra Wildgoose
Petra Wildgoose - GS
Thomas Zochowski
Thomas Zochowski - OS
Pictures were unavailable for
Heather Poushay - GS and
Evan Watts - OS.

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