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Surgical Oncology Manual

Surgical Oncology at the University of Toronto has enjoyed a dramatic increase in growth, profile and impact in recent years. A major part of the surgical oncology presence in Toronto is the Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program. In the program, fellows have the opportunity to benefit from every hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto. But the core of their training is at the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre, the fifth and sixth largest comprehensive cancer centres in North America.

One of the strengths of the Division of General Surgery has been our ability to work together and come to a consensus of opinion that reflects the excellent care provided by our healthcare team. The 1st Edition of the Surgical Oncology manual is a good example of this collaborative spirit.

In this initial volume, edited by Moises Cukier, Amy Gillis, Jaime Escallon, and Frances Wright, a wide array of clinicians have collaborated to produce a pithy and practical approach to common problems faced by the surgical oncologist. Fifteen Fellows and forty attending Oncologists have collaborated to produce the various chapters. The attending staff come from our surgical oncology faculty in collaboration with medical oncology, radiation oncology and pathology. The chapters are very much management focused and great effort has been made to ensure that the points made are representative of "how we do it in Toronto" balancing our experience and guidelines with evidence-supported practice.

It was with great pride that this volume was prepared and published. It is an excellent reference source for residents, practicing surgeons, and an evolving legion of surgical oncology specialists tackling the problem of cancer. The manual is available at the University of Toronto Bookstores.

Andy Smith, Bernard & Ryna Langer Chair
Division of General Surgery

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